When using an at-home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy, this test relies on a reactive strip designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

If there are enough levels of hCG in your urine, the at-home pregnancy test will read as positive. While stress can affect your hormone levels and even delay your ovulation or period, it does not affect pregnancy test results.

What else can affect pregnancy test results?

Several factors can impact a pregnancy test. These include taking the test too early after conception or using a defective pregnancy test. Other possibilities are using diluted urine, medications that may affect hCG levels or the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

At Women’s Clinics Maryland, we offer free, lab-quality pregnancy tests. We can help you receive an accurate result.

Next Steps

For women considering abortion and if you’re doubting the accuracy of your pregnancy test, we can also provide a free viability ultrasound where you can learn the gestational age, location, and viability of your pregnancy.

The gestational age can help you know what procedures you’re eligible for, the location can rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, and the viability will tell you whether or not you’ve miscarried.

If you have an ectopic pregnancy, you will require specific medical procedures, so having this information is crucial as you navigate your potential pregnancy. A miscarriage may also need treatment or monitoring.

Not knowing for sure whether or not you’re pregnant can be nerve-wracking, but you are not alone! We are here to provide practical and emotional support. If you learn that you are pregnant, we can also provide free consultations where you can learn more about pregnancy and ask questions.

Contact us today to make an appointment! We’re here to help you tackle those hard questions and find clarity.