Regardless of your reasons for having an abortion in the past, if you do not want another abortion, it is illegal for anyone to coerce you into having another procedure.

Legally, only you have a say in whether or not you wish to end the pregnancy.

Keep reading to learn about other options and practical next steps you can take to make a pregnancy plan you feel confident about.


Making an adoption plan may work best due to its flexibility and the range of options available to you as the birth parent.

Most adoptions in the US are open, meaning you would maintain communication with the child and adoptive family and enjoy a meaningful relationship.

However, if you prefer more discretion or confidentiality. In that case, you can choose a semi-open or closed adoption, where you exchange non-identifying information through the adoption agency, or the court seals all details.

Adoption is also an affordable option with no legal or medical costs to the birth mother. The adoptive family or adoption agency can often cover or supplement living expenses.

You would also have the support of an adoption counselor to help walk you through the process.


Although it does have its challenges, raising a child is a rewarding choice. If you’re interested in parenting, there are a few questions to ask yourself to assess this option objectively:

  • Can I provide financially for a child?
  • Have I considered how this may affect my future dreams and plans, and am I prepared to adjust as needed?
  • Am I ready to continually invest in the well-being and development of a child?

While this list is not exhaustive (and you don’t need to have the answers right away), these questions can help you as you evaluate.

Next Steps

Navigating through pregnancy planning can be intimidating, especially when you are overwhelmed by the different options. Women’s Clinic offers free services, including options consultations, to help you gather information to make an informed decision.

We provide a supportive and confidential space where you can ask questions, express concerns, and learn more about practical resources for adoption and parenting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!