If you’re not interested in another abortion but are confident that raising a child is not for you, adoption is a viable option. One of the greatest benefits of adoption is that you, as the biological parent, can make an adoption plan that works for your unique situation.

As you evaluate this option, here are choices to be aware of to decide on your most suitable options:

  • Open Adoption- this type of adoption makes up the majority of adoptions in the United States. It allows for an ongoing relationship with the child and the adoptive family, whom you approve of before the adoption.
  • Semi-Open Adoption – You communicate with the child and adoptive family via the adoption agency, but they do not disclose any identifying information.
  • Closed Adoption –  There is no exchange of information or communication between you, the child, or the adoptive family. All identifying information is kept confidential by the court. This may be a viable option if you prefer the highest level of discretion.

Financial assistance may be available during pregnancy to cover healthcare and living expenses. When making an adoption plan, the objective is to find a solution that works best for all parties involved, including the birth parent.


If parenting is something you are willing to consider, many women with unexpected pregnancies find this to be an incredibly gratifying choice during their baby’s childhood and beyond.

Raising a child comes with significant responsibility, so take the time to process the idea and consider some of the following questions:

  • Am I willing to raise this child on my own, whether with my partner or alone?
  • Do I have a stable environment to protect and provide for an infant?
  • Do I have a support system that I can lean on?

These are just a few example questions to help you determine if parenting is realistic and what accommodations you need.

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