If you just received that positive home pregnancy test, there’s probably a lot going through your mind. It’s understandable that you may be fearful or questioning of what’s to come – and you may be wondering what your options are going forward. 

As you process what this means for you, perhaps you’re wondering how your partner will react to the news. Remember to take a deep breath – you are not alone on this journey. It may seem daunting, but you can prepare for each step of the way in a healthy, safe environment.  

Ensuring Your Safety

You deserve to feel safe and respected, no matter what. Before you take your next steps, take a moment to consider why you might be worried about telling your partner. Are you scared about how they may react because of the emotions involved, or do you think their reaction could create an unsafe environment? 

If you feel like your physical safety may be at risk, don’t put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. Ensure that if you do choose to tell your partner your pregnancy news, that you do so in a healthy environment, where both of you are calm and rested. You may consider sharing the news in a public space and bringing a friend or family member along for support. 

At any point, if you are concerned for your safety or wellbeing, there is help available to you. You deserve to feel protected and respected – leaving an abusive situation can be difficult, but you deserve safety. Reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE for free, confidential help.

What Should I Do When Telling My Partner?

You have the opportunity and ability to share this news whenever you feel most comfortable, preferably in a healthy and safe environment. Choose a time to tell your partner that feels right, when you have had some time to prepare and get your questions answered. Even if you feel safe in your relationship, you may choose to have a trusted friend or family member there with you for support – sometimes that extra help can make a difference. 

Take the time to let your partner process the news – listen to them and understand that you felt a wide range of emotions when you first learned you might be pregnant, so it’s understandable they may feel a lot of things at once too. They may feel confused or scared too. Try your best to hear them out, and don’t take it personally if they have an initial emotional reaction. This is big news to share with anyone, and it may take a little bit to sink in. 

Consider how you might like your partner to support you along the way. You may be pleasantly surprised to hear how your partner would like to help – such as attending appointments with you, gathering information on your options, or asking questions. You can also feel empowered to let them know how you feel, and let them know what level of support would feel helpful to you. 

I Still Have Questions: Who Can I Talk To?

It’s understandable you have a lot of questions and concerns right now. There is help and support available to you. Here at Women’s Clinics, our caring and professional staff is here for you, offering pregnancy confirmation services at no cost to you as well as comprehensive information on your options. 

You may find it reassuring to discuss your next steps with a trusted professional and get your questions answered. Schedule your free appointment today to get peace of mind and make your next steps with confidence.