My partner is fine with me having other friends.


My partner wants me all to himself.

What might start out feeling like you are the center of someone’s universe can actually be your own world shrinking.  A partner might want you all to his self—it might seem romantic, flattering, and sweet at the beginning.  However, when those feelings are pushed into action, it can actually make you feel devalued and controlled.  Your world is made up of more than your partner, and other types of relationships are important to who you are as a whole.  These relationships might be family, friends, classmates, or coworkers.  When another person can’t see them as an important part of your world, it is a sign that their “love” for you might be unhealthy.  Look for these signs of isolating behavior:

  • Your partner wants to know where you are and who is with you.
  • Your partner wants you to check in with him.
  • Your partner insists you leave certain places where other people are.
  • Your partner wants you to spend time only with him.
  • Your partner doesn’t want you to have other friendships.
  • Your partner doesn’t like you talking with others.
  • Your partner is suspicious of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.
  • Your partner does this in the name of “love” and “protection”.

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