Think you could be unexpectedly pregnant? Understandably, you may be feeling scared or overwhelmed. This wasn’t what you thought your life would look like right now, and you’re likely feeling many different emotions at once. 

First, take a moment to breathe. You are not alone on this journey; you have help and hope available. Our compassionate team at Pregnancy Clinic is here to walk alongside you and help you learn about your options going forward, so you can confidently make your next steps. Here are some next steps to consider. 

1. Confirm for Sure that You’re Pregnant

You may have taken a home pregnancy test or missed a period, but have you had your pregnancy confirmed by a medical professional? It is possible to get an inaccurate home test result, and the timing of taking a test is critical. To ensure you’re pregnant, you can confirm with a lab-quality pregnancy test administered by our professional medical staff at no cost here at Women’s Clinics.

2. Learn About Each of Your Options

You likely have many questions going through your mind: “How do I finish high school while pregnant or with a baby?” “How will I afford this?” “What can I expect from an abortion?” Having many of these questions is normal while processing a significant change like pregnancy. 

Whichever path you take at the end of your pregnancy journey, the choice is ultimately yours – and you deserve to have all the information on your options before making your choice. You owe it to yourself to make your next steps with confidence. 

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Each option dramatically impacts your life, so you should learn what to expect before moving forward. Women’s Clinics is in your corner to answer your questions about each option. 

Abortion Risks & Side Effects

If you’re considering abortion as one of your options, ensure you know the potential risks and side effects before taking any abortion medication or pursuing a procedure. Abortion is a serious medical undertaking, and you should be prepared for what to expect. 

Risks of medical abortion (the abortion pill) may include infection, incomplete abortion (could need surgical abortion to resolve), heavy/prolonged bleeding, fever, and digestive system discomfort. Additionally, surgical abortion procedure risks may include infection, damage to the cervix, uterine perforation (a hole in the uterus), excessive bleeding, scarring of the uterus, and more. 

Taking a couple of pills or pursuing a procedure may seem like a convenient solution, but you should understand the reality of your choice before making your next steps. After your pregnancy is confirmed, it’s essential to your health to find out other key details about your pregnancy through an ultrasound exam.

You need to know these details as they may guide your next steps. For instance, if you are considering abortion, certain methods of abortion (the abortion pill) are only approved by the FDA for up to 10 weeks gestational age, and the dating of your pregnancy based on your last period may be off. Also, if complications like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage are a concern for you, you may need emergency medical care that would not be resolved by abortion medication. 

3. Get Your Questions Answered Today

Feeling overwhelmed and needing support when facing a big decision and change like pregnancy is understandable. You’re not alone in navigating your pregnancy journey – we’re here to help at the Pregnancy Clinic. Get free pregnancy medical services and answers to your questions today. 

Schedule your free appointment today to learn more and confirm your pregnancy. The choice is yours, but we’re here to help.