Women’s Clinics like Severna Park Women’s Clinics Maryland exist to serve women facing unexpected pregnancies. Emotions can be high during the decision-making process, so it’s important to have someone you trust alongside you.

At Severna Park Women’s Clinics Maryland, you will get the care you need to make your next step and hopefully get all your pregnancy questions answered. You don’t have to walk this journey alone! 

1. Confirm you are Pregnant

We understand that confirming your pregnancy can be the most stressful part. There is a lot of anxiety and questions that come with the anticipation of waiting for the results. You may be asking yourself, “Will my partner support me if I get a positive test back” or “I’m in school, now what?” You are not alone. 

Before thinking too far into the future, confirm your pregnancy with lab-certified pregnancy testing and ultrasound to be sure. 

2. Receive Free Services at a Women’s Clinics Maryland

Pregnancy Testing

If your period is late, you may be wondering if you’re pregnant. At Severna Park Women’s Clinics Maryland, we offer the highest quality lab-certified pregnancy tests that are more sensitive than many over-the-counter home tests. Our free pregnancy tests can normally detect the hCG hormone earlier. 


At our clinic, we offer free and confidential viability ultrasounds as well! An ultrasound confirms three important things about pregnancy in order to move forward with any pregnancy decision. 

First, an ultrasound verifies if your pregnancy is viable, locating the heartbeat and if the fetus is developing. Second, an ultrasound reveals how far along you are by measuring the size of the fetus. Lastly, an ultrasound indicates the location of the pregnancy, and if the fetus has attached correctly within the uterus. 

3. Talk Options Confidentially

Once you confirm your pregnancy and all the details, you are one step closer to a pregnancy decision. You have three options: abortion, adoption, or parenting. A women’s clinic like Severna Park Women’s Clinics Maryland is here to inform and educate you on all your options so you feel confident in your pregnancy decision. 

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Talk in a safe and confidential environment at our clinic today. We can help you navigate your unexpected pregnancy and offer advice. We care about you and want to help.