You may already be struggling financially in life, and then you see that positive sign come up on your pregnancy test. The initial shock and fear can have you feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have to choose your next step right away as you are still processing your unexpected pregnancy. Learn about your pregnancy options and the costs before rushing into your decision to receive clarity for what’s ahead. You are not on this journey alone. 

First, What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a state and federal health program that covers more than a million Marylanders. Many people are qualified, including low-income families, and specifically pregnant women who don’t have medical insurance. Specific states are required to include certain individuals within their Medicaid plan. Eligibility for Medicaid differs from state to state, with federal requirements for each. 

Who Is Eligible for Maryland Medicaid for Abortion?

For Maryland Medicaid, the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) income percentages are used to calculate eligibility. Adults under 138% of the poverty line are eligible for Medicaid, and pregnant women up to 264% of the federal poverty line are eligible for Medicaid (

In Maryland, women who are below 138% of the federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid abortion coverage. Women are eligible for Medicaid prenatal care but not for abortions if they are between 138% and 264% of the poverty level (

Maryland’s Medicaid program, the Medical Assistance Program (MAP), only covers the cost of an abortion if it falls under one of these five medical exceptions for women who are below 138% of the poverty line:

  1. The pregnancy is a result of rape or incest
  2. The pregnancy would endanger the woman’s life
  3. The pregnancy would be a threat to the woman’s physical health
  4. The fetus is affected by a serious genetic deformity or abnormality
  5. Continuation of the pregnancy is creating a serious effect on the woman’s mental health

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